Saturday, May 14, 2022

Sculpting Break With Enthusiastic Dog / Terrier Gregory Da Pisa and Pota...

This video brings me joy.  Gregory da Pisa is my landlord's dog, a terrier.  He was "helping" his owner and owner's brother with the added planting of potatoes in the terraced field below where I sculpt stone.

In the moment in which I sat down on the grass in front of some flowers I had planted to make a video sending birthday greetings to one of my aunts, Gregory ran up to me and dropped a potato (for seed) right in front of me, tail wagging enthusiastically, hoping that I will launch it, as I often do.

But today, he was exceptionally a happy camper!  hahha

Just a day in the life video.  The work on the abstracted swan sculpture in Portuguese Rose Marble continues.

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Find more joy in the little moments,  Kelly Borsheim